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Arihant believes that happy employees will in turn create “happy moments” for customers and stakeholders. While open and progressive work spaces are a hallmark of Arihant’s sprawling facilities, work environments are characterized by commitment, ownership and consistent progress. Most importantly, Arihant is a place where employees see themselves growing with the organization. Simply put, loyalty ranks high in the mind of each Arihantite, as is amply certified by the number of employees whose careers graphs show a rise from entry level roles to senior positions in the company.

Here is what our leadership has to say when asked – ‘WHAT MAKES ARIHANT THE WORKPLACE OF YOUR CHOICE’

Mangesh Taksale

Business Head, Water park Equipment

Arihant teaches you to believe in your abilities and gives you the freedom to explore your talents, Thinking positive is at the core at Arihant, Allowing you to achieve your desired goal on a professional and personal level.

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Manisha Kulkarni ,

Innovation Head

Arihant provides inspiring environment to Innovative talent. Designing and development for FIRST TIME IN WORLD is satisfying Job in itself. With an independent department dedicated for Innovation, it’s a dream come true for every designer, Innovator.


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Nirav Pandya, 

Business Head, Great Escape Waterpark

Arihant for me, over 20 years, has been a platform to perform with lots of personal development & grooming. It gave me an opportunity to fail & learn and encouraged innovation with less interference and more transparency. This was valuable in my personal growth.

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Prasad Khare

Head, Business Excellence

ARIHANT, a visionary organization, offers challenging work environment with excellent growth prospects. It offers all over self-development opportunities & monetary benefits  at par with industry standards of its size.  Proud be an integral part of ARIHANT for last 27 years.

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Sanjay Hede

Chief Financial Officer, Arihant 

One cannot have career success without employment success and at the same time one cannot have employment success without career success .. At ARIHANT one gets the opportunity to nurture both .

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