Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd

Why we exist

Our Purpose


Developed in an inclusive manner, this philosophy has become a motto which resonates with each Arihantite. Care was taken to adopt both a top-down and a bottom-up approach to ensure the message of passion percolated through the rungs of the organization. Every new employee who comes on board catches the spark and joins this team of committed “happy-moment-makers”.

Why we exist

At Arihant, we engineer smiles. We are architects of happy moments. All our products and services are designed and manufactured with only one objective – to give our customers fun-times to treasure. Every Arihantite is inspired to create experiences which in turn create unlimited joy and delight.

This catchphrase has been succinctly articulated by our MD’s statement:

“If you look around us, there is so much tension, stress and worry immediately visible. It doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult, a senior citizen, an employer or an employee, a working woman or a housewife.

If we as Team Arihant are able to replace tension, stress and worry with fun, joy and happiness to as many people as we can, even for an hour, it will be worth it.

Let me show you what I mean:

  1. Take the example of Playgrounds – we have installed close to 2, 00,000 different pieces of equipment thus far. Assuming that 10 kids play on one piece per day, it amounts to creating 2,000,000 happy moments per day
  2. Consider the 400 Waterslide projects we have.  Even if an average of 2,00,000 people visit these parks, it translates to 8, 000, 000  smiles and Happy Moments per year.
  3. With the case of TGE, the Water Park has been in existence for the past 20 years. Assuming it has had 2, 50,000 visitors, we can believe that 5, 000, 000 people were happy and smiling throughout the day.

At the UN level, people talk about eradicating poverty and eradicating hunger from this world.  As Arihant, we perhaps cannot eradicate stress, tension and worry totally, but we can definitely create as many happy moments as possible.  This is a big responsibility on each of us, so let us play our role with commitment.  Let us create a Great team.”


Our Goal

We strive to be a globally preferred company in the happiness industry and Enlarging Stakeholder value by:

Being Principle Driven
Being a Clients-Delight
Being Innovative and Trendsetting
Being a Great Place To Work