Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd

Customer Focus & Technology

Customer Delight

At Arihant, we believe that attention to customer delight builds long term relationships. Arihant invests in a dedicated ‘Customer Delight’ team across all lines of business, entrusted to ensure our customers have a great end-to-end experience with us.

We make it our business to listen to our customers. Regular customer response and feedback forms the pivot for the engineering and re-engineering of Arihant’s products. This vital component is built by keeping our ears tuned to picking up the pulse and heartbeat of our customers.

The Customer Relations focus has paid off with a significant base of loyal customers who value the relationship with Arihant as much as we do. They show their appreciation by becoming the best brand ambassadors Arihant could have asked for

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

The ERP software suite at Arihant emphasizes the organization’s commitment to an integrated approach to business process management. A dedicated team assembles, organizes and analyses data from various levels of the organization, to provide the Arihant management with valuable insights into key performance indicators in real time.

Rapid and clear communication flows are imperative to ensure business decisions can be data-driven. This is facilitated seamlessly by the ERP employed at Arihant, enabling swifter scale-up across businesses.

It offers the additional benefits of flexibility in product deliveries. Its end-to-end operations control facilitates the regulation of minute details like simplifying floor management.

Arihant’s ERP promotes error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization’s efficiency in product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, making Arihant future-ready in facets of the business.

Customer Relationship Management

Our customers are our biggest advantage and how we manage, sustain and grow our relationships with them is decisive. Arihant’s sales, marketing and customer service departments adopt a very intentional and customer-focused direction

Numerous platforms such as the company’s website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media help these teams to glean crucial customer information. The data, concerns, information, purchase history, facts, customers’ personal information and buying preferences are recorded, analyzed and evaluated. Being cloud-based, this information is easily accessible and in real time.

From this rich data stem Arihant’s practices, strategies and technologies. They are designed to help us attend to our customers faster, more effectively and with lasting impact. Sales teams close deals faster; marketing teams manage campaigns and track lead generation more effectively. Active and well-managed service call centers reduce the time required to resolve customer complaints

Automation for Quality consistency

Automation has made revolutionary changes to the structure and processes employed for manufacturing and production. Every business strives to increase market share, control costs, manage risk more effectively, and improve customer satisfaction to benefit the bottom line. At Arihant, these goals are accomplished through quality certified by international design standards.

Automation techniques also help integrate processes. The goals of automation are quite clear –

a) To reduce or eliminate human intervention
b) To introduce uniformity and consistency and
c) To improve efficiency, thereby resulting in overall cost reduction.