Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd

HR Best Practices

At Arihant, the 500+ employees are the most coveted wealth of the organization. We recognize that the success of our work depends on ensuring our human resources are well nurtured in a holistic way. Our HR best practices are focused on creating conducive environments for every Arihantite to grow, work efficiently, get passionate about the work we do and be the best brand ambassadors we could ever ask for.

360 Degree Feeback for development

This effective tool has been implemented across the three businesses at Arihant for employees of the manager levels and above. The 360 degree feedback process, also called the multi-rating feedback provides them with confidential and anonymous feedback from a variety of workplace sources, which include peers, managers and direct reports. The 360 degree feedback process is complete only when a self-evaluation is also done by the employee.

This feedback process is primarily used for developing work skills and behaviors of employees at Arihant, though some organizations employ this method for performance evaluations and employment decisions as well.

Training and Leadership

Every employee at Arihant is a leader in his or her own capacity. A total of 16 training sessions have been conducted over the last year to identify, groom and build our leaders. We believe this approach gives each employee the space and environment to take ownership of the important role assigned to him/her. The AICL management team was given the additional opportunity to present a book review, encouraging knowledge gathering and assimilation, which greatly impacts the work at Arihant.

There have also been coaching and consulting sessions organized for the senior management teams to facilitate and strengthen effective strategic improvement plans for the organization.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

This process of anonymous data collection gives every Arihantite the freedom and confidence to express both appreciation and concerns to the management, in the interest of impacting the organization on the whole. The information gathered from the ESS is taken very seriously at Arihant and actions are implemented to improve work culture and environment.

It is a given that employees who love their jobs, stay at their jobs for longer. At Arihant, the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) conducted annually is a great indicator of the health of the organization and the pulse which vibrates across the workforce.

Other Practices and facilities

Few of our key employee friendly initiatives include:
Coffee with MD: This initiative is introduced to channelize open discussion between selected/nominated employees and MD individually, which benefits the organization as well as the employee.
Employee Connect:HR department meets 10 employees every month and discusses overall satisfaction level of employee and their needs and expectations are mapped on that basis and addressed.
Grievance Redressal system: This system is implemented to address any administrative and HR issues faced by the employees.

Every Arihantite is entitled to a few benefits and facilities that encourage employees to enjoy and invest in the hours they spend at work. One of them is the Arihant Canteen, which is well-stocked with food and beverages giving the employees a wide range of variety to choose from.

All employees are provided with a transport facility, as well as special safety for the employees leaving the premises late.
Arihantites follow a 5 day working week, giving them the weekend to relax with families and friends, rejuvenate mind and body and bring renewed passion and dedication back to work.

The Annual Medical Check-up is a benefit each employee enjoys. This goes a long way in encouraging Arihant employees to take extra care of every aspect of their overall health.