Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd



How can we create innovations which customers do not expect, but will love and appreciate straight away? How can we build a distinct differentiator into our products and services, which will bring us that competitive advantage? How can we construct a range of products that speak the language of the customers? These are the questions that drive the team which focuses on product design at Arihant.

Keeping the edge on innovative designs is the game changer companies in the market strive towards. Customers don’t buy “products” they buy what products mean to them. Innovation at Arihant is therefore customer-centered and customer focused. The in-depth intel gathered through intense CRM is translated into designs which cater to customer delight.

Research & Development center

Set up in 2013, Arihant’s R&D Center is situated at the Vasai facility of the company’s head office. The R&D team comprises esteemed members from various IIT institutes across the country and PHD holders from a range of academic pursuits and other highly qualified individuals. The R&D center is DSIR approved and recognized, adding to the value and worth of Arihant’s contribution to the amusement industry.

At Arihant, the Research and Development Center is a component of the Innovation Lab. The work of the R&D Center front-ends the innovation lifecycle of products and services and includes the commercialization phases.

Intellectual Property rights

With 63 products and designs secured as Intellectual Property Rights, Arihant has been an important and in many cases, a pioneering player in the amusement industry in India. Arihant’s innovation has been evident in both the developing of new ideas and putting them into practice, bringing valuable new products and services into the market. Our focus on “customer delight” continues to be the motivation for every innovative initiative.



In a highly competitive business environment, technological innovation is a principal determinant of staying ahead to be the best in the industry. The team at Arihant has successfully harnessed the experience of 37 years to steadily progress alongside the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.

Quality Assurance and Quality Policy

At Arihant, quality is the irrefutable linchpin for excellence and leadership. Thus, the Innovation Lab is designed to create a fast, flexible and creative environment which supports a wide range of quality-driven activities and a range of work – from individual and small groups to large groups of diverse members of the organization. Communication between the Innovation Lab and other teams, often involving a cross-functional team, is important in initiating a ‘test, learn, iterate’ culture.

The Arihant Innovation Lab has been constructed to ensure the highest standards of product quality and safety are met. It is effectively equipped with the best technology and has passed the following stringent tests and studies: Volatile organic content, Inorganic content, UV resistant, Abrasion resistant, Gel time, Peak exotherm, Surface hardness test, Surface gloss, Thickness of paint for painted metal, Corrosion resistance test, Tensile test, Compression test and the Flexural test.



We at Arihant are committed to design, manufacture, supply and enhance customer experience of all our
products & services in the recreational space by

1) Delivering as per committed quality and delivery standards.
2) Continuously striving for global standards in safety, product performance & aesthetics
3) Improving the effectiveness of QMS.
4) Continuously upgrading its technology & talent
5) Optimising resources.