Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd

Arihant story


Arihant was founded in 1978 with a focus and desire to service the global marketplace with highly innovative products and services. Arihant has since evolved into a full range of Playground equipment, Water Park Equipment player, while it also owns and operates its own Water Park called ‘The Great Escape’

With technology setting new boundaries and growing competition and sophistication, Arihant is responding to the challenges and will continue to innovate and find new ways. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders by providing effective, easy, fast, user friendly and worldwide services. Our clientele includes some of the best-known names among the country’s amusement and manufacturing industries.
This speaks about our achievements in quality, engineering excellence and concern for supplying the customer requirement on time. Integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and determination to succeed are characteristics of the group today and the foreseeable future.

  • 1978

    Arihant, as a manufacturer of Acrylic furniture, is born

    An entrepreneurial venture was was set up in a modest space only 500sqft in area and christened “Arihant”. It began its journey as one of the first manufacturers of Acrylic furniture in the country

  • 1983

    Manufacturing of playgrounds begins

    Arihant doubles its space to 1000sqft and is recognized as the first organized player in the industry, manufacturing playground equipment made of fibre-glass for the first time

  • 1990

    Waterslides introduced in India for the first time

    Arihant expands to 3500 sqft and thrills the Indian market with the installation of the novel water slide called “twist and turn” at the Span Hill Resort in Lonavla

  • 1995

    First use of rotational  mounding technology for manufacturing playground equipment in India

    This year marked Arihant’s growth to 50,000 sqft and the first use of rotational-mounlding technology in playground equipment

  • 1996

    Commissioned ‘The Great Escape Waterpark’ in Mumbai

    Arihant employs forward integration in its now 26 acre facility conceptualizing the unique creation of a showroom for waterslide marketing in India

  • 1998

    ‘Limca record winning’ installation with 16 water slides emerging from a single tower commissioned at Suraj Water Park

    ‘Limca record winning’ installation with 16 water slides emerging from a single tower is commissioned at the Suraj Water Park marking the debut of complex designs into amusement industry products

  • 2007

    Water Park Projects to Europe, Middle East & United States commissioned

    As Arihant’s quality and marketing became global, it saw Arihant’s water equipment installed in stringent quality markets like USA

  • 2009

    New facility undertaken expands  manufacturing capacity by 300%

    The new planned layout of the state-of-the-art facility is undertaken, expanding Arihant’s manufacturing capacity by 300%. Marks the beginning of innovative LRTM technology being employed for manufacturing

  • 2013

    Dedicated R&D and Innovation center introduced

    Arihant’s DSIR approved, dedicated R&D and Innovation center is set up with a highly competent and qualified workforce from diverse fields such as polymer, fibreglass, and mechanical

  • 2016

    TUV NORD certifies AICL with the stringent ISO Certification 9001:2015

    TUV NORD certifies AICL with the stringent ISO Certification 9001:2015, even as Arihant crosses more impressive landmarks