Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd

Good Manufacturing Systems

SO 9001 : 2015

To top off our committed adherence to quality, Arihant has been duly certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant and accredited by the TÜV NORD GROUP, the world’s leaders in quality assurance , to ensure we stay alongside the highest quality and safety standards.Thus, the processes we employ are all ISO 9001:2015 certified. Being a company which primarily deals with entertainment equipment manufacturing, installation and management, a cogent risk assessment and implementation process is a guiding factor.

The latest version of the ISO standard has been implemented across all Arihant businesses. This has led to a more organized approach to prospects and possibilities. Our supply chain management systems have seen a marked progress, as have our health and safety monitoring systems

Continuous Improvement Initiative (CII)

The 200 improvement initiatives undertaken in the last 12 months testify to Arihant’s keen commitment to the Continuous Improvement Initiative (CII). It defines the organizational approach to improving products, processes and services. We recognize that often incremental efforts tip the balance towards major changes.

Regular and timely evaluation of processes and services improves efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility across the board.

The CII has been successfully adopted by all 3 divisions in AICL and we have observed commendable positive responses. Every department across all the three businesses aims to undertake 1-4 improvement initiatives per month, contributing to the healthy evolution of the organization.

Kaizen Board Initiative

Any progress is not possible without a commitment to constant enhancement. The Kaizen Board is a simple “problem and solution” approach which sets up the stage perfectly at Arihant. Employees are encouraged to identify not just challenges and problems which impact work, but solutions to them as well. A vibrant and energetic workplace cultivates mutual respect among employees and promotes essential dignity and satisfaction.

Every employee is committed to solving problems in the most effective way, leading to a healthy engagement with the work and values of the organization. Both individuals and teams at Arihant subscribe to the “eliminate waste” philosophy, making it a common goal.

People bring their best to a workplace which gives them opportunities for growth, both corporate and individual. Arihant takes special cognizance of employee commitment and contribution to the organization.